Search engines today generate nearly 90% of all Internet traffic and are responsible for at least 55% of all E-commerce transactions. It’s essential for all online businesses today to make SEO an essential part of their online business strategy. Web Design for Portland helps you develop, implement and define a powerful SEO strategy to leverage your online business potential. Working with this main objective, the SEO team at Web Design for Portland uses its expertise; refined processes and proven set of ethical white-hat techniques to help your site naturally rank higher on search engines.

Site optimization involves careful manipulating of the entire SEO process. The site is completely analyzed for complete SEO potential before implementation. During the initial analysis, the site is analyzed for it full URL depth, individual page’s PR, search engine saturation, back-link count, traffic log analysis, and Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools setup. The site is checked for 35 possible parameters that can lead to search engine spider roadblocks or search engine penalties.

Keyword research is possibly the most important aspect of any SEO campaign. We identify keywords, which have high relevance, high potential for conversion, high potential to rank, and have lower competition so that the SEO campaign gives an optimal performance for each dollar spent.

On-page optimization includes Title & Meta tags optimization, image optimization, anchor text, title attributes optimization, on-page text editing, and HTML markups for best performance. Other aspects like file-names, directory structure, navigation, site inter-linking, error pages, robots file, sitemaps and the like are optimized suitably. On SEO completion, the site is audited for SEO levels and finally submitted to search engines, industry directories, yellow pages etc. The performance of the site is continuously monitored on a monthly basis for various matrices and reported through the Success Tracking Reports.

Web Design for Portland handles SEO as an integrated aspect of an Internet Marketing strategy. SEO alone is not sufficient to meet marketing objectives and other important activities such as link building and article syndication are a must to achieve high rankings.

Depending upon which stage your project is in, with reference to the larger picture of your projects life cycle, send us a brief description on your objectives and expectations and we will be more than happy to help you understand the methodology we’ve adopted at Web Design for Portland to Deliver Measurable Online Success.

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